Our Values

Thank you for your interest in the Thomas Jefferson Club! It’s an exciting time to become involved in the political process and have a positive impact in the future of our Republic.

The Thomas Jefferson Club was founded in December 2008 with three members, since this time we have grown to several hundred members and supporters in Bucks County and the surrounding counties. We are active citizens engaged in our communities and seek to influence positive change at all levels of government.

We are an educational organization and hold monthly membership meetings to discuss or debate a topic of current political interest. We also maintain an active blog and website as open resources of related information. Our ultimate goal is to motivate our membership to join activist groups of their choice, become politically active through their local governing bodies and spread the conservative message to their friends and associates.

Our core beliefs are:

We Believe that America’s prosperity is rooted in its founding principles of constitutional government, liberty, justice, fiscal responsibility, and traditional values.

We Believe the United States is a Constitutional Republic, governed by law in the original intent of the United States Constitution as framed by the Founding Fathers.

We Believe the United States is a highly successful Republic because of the Western Culture and Values upon which our nation was founded.

We Believe in the inalienable right of individual freedom, and that the preservation of our liberty depends upon maintaining the national sovereignty of the United States of America.

We Believe in fiscal responsibility and accountability at all levels of government.

We have six issues committees that actively address our core beliefs through education, presentations to the membership, letter-writing campaigns and communication with elected officials. Several of our members have appeared in the national media and our opinion-education pieces are frequently published in area newspapers.

If you are looking for a conservative, independent and educational organization then you have found a home in the Thomas Jefferson Club! Meetings are held every second Monday, 8pm in Newtown, Bucks County. Check the website for meeting locations and event updates! And feel free to contact me at info@thomasjeffersonclub.org .

Wishing you the very best as we educate our fellow citizens and reaffirm the values that gave us this great Republic: Freedom, Family and Country.

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